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BLUMM-JUICERS is a producer of juicers, pop corn machineries, attractive kiosks, and other equipment. Following the trends and the development of the tourism in our country and in the world, because of the widening of the offers and the quality of the touristic centers, it was shown that the demand for freshly squeezed juices is in a large increase.
Pomegranate juice is currently the world's one of the most sought after products, and our machines are the only ones who can get out of the pomegranate fruit the maximum ammount of juice and produce it in quantities that are necessary to keep the juice fresh.

Visually attractive for your customers. Effective cutting, squeezing, extracting and rejecting in one quick process. It squeezes oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits, tangerines and pomegranates. The  process is quick and efficient. We are unique in the world because only our machines are made of stainless steel (L-316), while all other machines for the same purpose are mainly made of plastic. This technology ensures high quality and the maximum hygienic preparation of juices. The stainless balls of steel press half of the fruit, separate the peel and the seeds from the juice, the juice remains natural and sweet without the bitter taste of seed, and the peel waste is kept in the filter which is easy to clean. The machine doesn't take up much space. The safety of the operation is maximum, it's protected by an automatic blocking system.